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We make it happen through our animated videos and talking books:

  • community minded content and participation
  • entertaining and engaging stories
  • multiple languages
  • relevant illustrations
  • captivating animation

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Example of a recent italk production Be Crocwise song and animation for NT Parks & Wildlife (sung in 2 languages, narrated in 5 languages)
This project went viral on Facebook and YouTube in 2015.



They say a picture speaks a thousand words - our pictures speak a thousand languages

italk specialise in helping our clients communicate with culturally and linguistically diverse communities by transforming information into story form and making it freely available on this website, and beyond.

We collaborate with clients in the private and public sectors, creating learning opportunities by integrating traditional storytelling and modern technology.

We work with local language speakers to develop stories that are spoken in plain English and in the first languages of our target audiences.


  • I think that the Anti-Discrimination videos are deeply important as discrimination goes to the heart or core of many of the difficulties that our clients experience. These videos help clients engage with and understand these ideas in a way that they relate to on a regular basis.
    – Jeremy Etkind
    Civil Lawyer, Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid
  • I had heard of italk library, but I had no idea that there were so many stories. It's just fantastic. Especially for English speaking teachers. It is hard for our students when the teacher is always speaking in English, so to having stories spoken in Arrernte really helps to get the messages across.
    – Annie Fuller, Arrernte Language Teacher
  • “italk library encouraged Papunya youth to engage with educational stories. The youth played the stories so often they learned the words and chanted them along with the computer. The user friendly interface and it's ability to produce spoken language gives a major advantage to training in the remote community context.”
    – Blair McFarland, CAYLUS manager
  • “Alice Springs Public Library is thrilled to have the italk™ software. This program will be fantastic at improving literacy skills both in language and in English, as well as creating opportunities for improving computer literacy.”
    – Georgina Davison, Manager, Library Services, Alice Springs Public Library
  • “The italk concept is novel as it was the first to combine traditional storytelling with modern technology to create a unique two-way communication to transcend the barriers of language, culture and education.”
    – Ken Harkin, Executive Officer, NT Research and Innovation Board, Department of Business and Employment, Northern Territory Government
  • "I love the easy to use format, and am completely blown away by the enthusiasm of my kindy kids (aged 4 to 5) for learning the words...I'm so glad we can hear them as they should sound, before we try them out ourselves! italk is really appealing to the kids, and the software is super easy to use."
    – Jacqui Turner, Pre-School Teacher, NSW


Christopher Brocklebank - Alice Springs - - 0408 899 121

Michael Roseth - Darwin Studio - - 0404 152 404

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