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About Us
"They say a picture speaks a thousand words - our pictures speak a thousand languages" Christopher Brocklebank,  Founding Director

Based in the Northern Territory, italk is a growing collection of stories that overcome literacy barriers, making information accessible to all.

We help our clients communicate information to diverse communities by producing visual and spoken stories that are entertaining, engaging, and identifiable to our audiences.

Our business was founded 20 years ago by director Christopher Brocklebank when he identified the urgent need for resources and educational tools that communicate using pictures and speech, spoken in first languages, as well as written or spoken in English. This urgent need still exists today.

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italk™ stories and video stories
The stories in the italk library can be viewed as a video, and/or as an italk story using the free italk library app. This app overcomes literacy barriers by enabling you to listen to stories in your first language, and in English. italk™ is also an excellent literacy tool for culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

italk library app works on iPads and Windows and Mac operating systems.

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Our Vision
Our vision sees knowledge sharing systems and situations that support the first languages and learning styles of all those who learn visually and orally.

Our Mission
We are storytellers. We are collaborators. Our mission is to transform written information into story form by working with people's inherent visual and oral strengths, thus removing barriers to literacy and making information accessible to all.